VEYE-MIPI-327 VS VEYE-MIPI-290 Low Light Performance

IMX327 and IMX290 are both STARVIS Senosr Produced by Sony. IMX327 is newer,it has better performance in low light environment.
Below are the performance of VEYE-MIPI-327 VS. VEYE-MIPI-290.
All scenes ambient light levels are below 0.1LUX,which is under the lowest measurable value of my illuminometer.So I can’t give an exact value of each Scense for now.

VEYE-MIPI-290 Test Video 1

VEYE-MIPI-327 Test Video 1

VEYE-MIPI-290 Test Video 2

VEYE-MIPI-327 Test Video 2

VEYE-MIPI-290 Test Video 3

VEYE-MIPI-327 Test Video 3