VEYE-MIPI-290 VS. Raspberry Camera V1(OV5647) Video

There are 2 official Camera Module for Raspberry PI. This time we make a comparison test,VEYE-MIPI-290 VS. Raspberry Camera V1(OV5647). We focus on the effects in the low light environment. The video is 1080p resolution.


VEYE-MIPI-290 Illuminance:10Lux


Raspberry Camera Illuminance:10Lux


VEYE-MIPI-290 Illuminance:3Lux


Raspberry Camera Illuminance:3Lux



VEYE-MIPI-290 Illuminance:5Lux


VEYE-MIPI-290 Illuminance:5Lux


Raspberry Camera Illuminance:9Lux


Raspberry Camera Illuminance:5Lux


Road Illuminance:about 15Lux



Raspberry Camera


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